Fixed Income
3NS provides complete solutions and support to its clients for raising capital through fixed income instruments, debt from banks, foreign currency denominated (ECB) loan etc. 3NS’s wide network of relations with both, long term and short term lending institutions and in-depth understanding of the process enables quick closure of transactions for its clients.
Private Equity
3NS’s locational presence has established a one to one relation with most of the private equity investors. While we help the investors identify good venture capital or growth capital investing opportunities, we help the corporates go through the entire process of a private equity transaction viz., preparation of presentations, Information Memorandum, business plan, financial modeling, due diligence and transaction closure. Our risk- return analyticals are useful tools in decision making for both investors and corporates alike.
Special Situation / Structured Finance
Our financial engineering skills and the time devoted to understand a situation helps us in customizing instruments which meet the risk-return criterion of both, the corporates and the investors. We also have the strength of understanding the regulatory framework for the consummation of such transactions. Structures such as mezzanine funding, convertible bonds, securitization of Instruments are a few areas where 3NS specializes in.
Mergers & Acquisitions
3NS’s presence at key locations in Asia and our relations and tie ups globally have helped us in establishing the required network for identifying and creating opportunities both buy and/or sell side. We have the requisite bandwidth to understand the requirements to create the opportunities of joint ventures for our existing and prospective clients. 3NS structures the transaction for both, corporates and funds for a smooth exit and buyout.
Portfolio Management
The ability to identify and time the right ‘pick’ backed by strong research team will help us in offering highest standards of services to our clients. We intend to create a basket of high quality long term investments to achieve healthy returns with minimized risks. We are in the process of acquiring the requisite licenses from the regulator.
HNI Services
We identify attractive investment opportunities and offer creative structures to HNIs for maximization of returns from their investible funds through investment in unlisted and listed securities. These instruments are short to medium term tenure. We do comprehensive reference check and due diligence of the investee company and help the HNIs with complete documentation to minimize the risk.

Our Mission
To be an organisation recognized for creating wealth for the clients.